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Lending a Helping Hand

“I cannot thank you enough for making an impact on our patients and family members. I enjoyed hearing all of the heartwarming stories from our staff about how your music healed our patients and reduced their suffering.”—Jenna Kelly, Manager, Patient Experience, UC Health, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Donna is able to notice and respond to changes in the patient, changing her music as she plays. She establishes trust with her patients through her gentle approach and reassuring smile.”—Janie Woods Alexander, MSN, RN, CMP

“This is the most relaxed I’ve felt since I was admitted to the hospital.”—Patient,

UC Health, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I was very impressed by Donna’s calmness and inner peace that comes out in her music. This, plus excellent skills, gives her an excellent presence with patients.” —  Martha Lewis, MA, MTS, CMP

“Thank you for the beautiful music. The songs bring back such pleasant memories for us.”—Family member of resident, St. Leonard Health and Rehabilitation Center, Centerville, Ohio

"I love that you are so passionate about your time with our patients. Thank you so much for all you do."--Linda Corey Simpson, Ohio's Hospice of Dayton, Hospice House Volunteer Coordinator

Click on the Therapeutic Music Samples tab to hear examples of relaxing therapeutic music.


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